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Cool Ideas Integrated Communications (CII247) is a Development Communications and Social Transformation Agency. We are experts in people focused, Social Transformative Marketing and Communication Packages. We consider ourselves and staff as innovation advocates, Systematic Change Agents Who Believe In Communications For Impact

What we do

Over the past few years, we have facilitated on-the-ground communication throuhg social mobilisation, personal door-to-door interaction, word of mouth and face-to-face community engagement. We have developed and utilised non-conventional campaigning &  media products and platforms


Our intellectual property reservoir includes acting as Community Media Liaison, facilitation generic to more audience specific focus groups for research and hosted targeted social events to ensure sustainability. We do so with sensitivity, sincerity and identification with our stakeholders and audiences by ensuring all processes are transparent.

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Cool Ideas Integrated embraces the disciplines of Developmental Communications and Social Marketing, and strives to package these as communication solutions to:

Government and Institutions
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Civil Society Organisations
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SED (CSI) Programmes
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Corporate Organisations
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